RYKO and XpresWash Product Interface

GRIMES, IOWA, March 30, 2009

Ryko Manufacturing announces the availability of a standard interface between itís popular rollover and conveyor car wash equipment to the XpresWash car wash payment system developed and marketed by XpresSystems in New Prague, MN.

What is XpresWash

XpresWash is a RFID (radio frequency identification) based car wash payment system that allows car wash operators to operate monthly or annual car wash programs. 

Benefits of XpresWash

The XpresWash system allows the customer to get a car wash whenever and as often as they want, for one fixed price per month or per year. No cash or credit card is needed at the time of the wash.  Because the XpresWash technology uses a vehicle specific RFID tag, only a single vehicle can be washed with each tag.

The XpresWash system also supports prepaid plans, club plans, and fleet accounts. 

XpresWash customers have reported higher wash counts and per car revenue, increased throughout, and more off-season washing.  The system also increases cash flow by collecting payments up front.  More information on the XpresWash system can be found at xpreswash.com

The XpresWash System

On site, the XpresWash system consists of an RFID antenna/reader, and local controller housed in a weatherproof enclosure ideally mounted in the car wash equipment room.  A central server maintained by XpresSystem provides all billing, logging, and administrative functions. 

Compatibility with Ryko Equipment

The XpresWash system is supported by all current model SoftGloss, Radius, Rocket, Trio, and Select-A-Wash systems.  The interface requires a Ryko AMTT or AMTT CS with coin mech.

For more information, contact your Ryko Manufacturing Representative

ABOUT RYKO MANUFACTURING  Ryko is the largest manufacturer of car wash equipment in North America, providing a full line of friction and touch free roll-over car, truck, bus and van washes along with conveyorized, drive through and self-service car wash equipment, and a complete range of vehicle wash support systems including activation and marketing systems, connectivity and loyalty solutions, maintenance services and complete chemical and delivery packages. 


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